52a Castle Street
High Wycombe
HP13 6RG

The studio was the original venue for Castle Street Dance Studios.

It is situated near High Wycombe train station on Castle Street, opposite Spicy Touch restaurant. The entrance is the grey door – go up the stairs to the top floor and we are on the right.


Monday4:00 PMPre-School Ballet Miss Lara Morton
Monday4.30 PMPre-Primary BalletMiss Lara Morton
Monday5:00 PMPrimary BalletMiss Lara Morton
Monday5:30 PMJunior ContemporaryMiss Lara Morton
Thursday4:15 PMStandard 2 BalletMiss Paula Buckland
Thursday5:00 PMGrade 2 TapMiss Paula Buckland
Thursday5:30 PMPointe PreparationMiss Paula Buckland
Thursday6:00 PMPointe WorkMiss Paula Buckland
Thursday6:30 PMBeginner Adult BalletMiss Paula Buckland
Thursday7:30 PMImprovers Adult BalletMiss Paula Buckland
Friday4:30 PMJunior Kids StreetJohnny Schwerzmann
Friday5:15 PMIntermediate Kids StreetJohnny Schwerzmann
Friday6:00 PMSenior ContemporaryJohnny Schwerzmann
Friday6:45 PMSenior Kids StreetJohnny Schwerzmann
Friday7:30 PMAdult StreetJohnny Schwerzmann