White Hill

The White hill centre is equipped with wooden floors, Ballet Barres, kitchen facilities and free onsite parking.


Monday5:00 PMStandard 3 Ballet Miss Jessica Clayton
Monday5:45 PMGrade 3 ModernMiss Jessica Clayton
Monday6:30 PMStandard 5 BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Monday7:15 PMGrade 5 ModernMiss Jessica Clayton
Monday8:00 PMStandard 6 BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Monday8:45 PMGrade 6 ModernMiss Jessica Clayton
Tuesday4:00 PMPre-Primary BalletMiss Claire Henley
Tuesday4:30 PMPrimary Ballet Miss Claire Henley
Tuesday5:00 PMPrimary Tap/ModernMiss Claire Henley
Tuesday5:45 PMGrade 1 TapMiss Claire Henley
Tuesday6:15 PMGrade 2 TapMiss Claire Henley
Tuesday7:00 PMJunior Performance TeamMiss Claire Henley
Wednesday5:00 PMJunior AcroMiss Jessica Clayton
Wednesday5:45 PMSenior AcroMiss Jessica Clayton
Wednesday6:45 PMGrade 5 TapMiss Jessica Clayton
Wednesday7:30 PMSenior Performance TeamMiss Jessica Clayton
Thursday4:30 PMJunior Musical TheatreMiss Fran Camier
Thursday5:15 PMJunior Street DanceMiss Fran Camier
Thursday6:00 PMInter Street DanceMiss Fran Camier
Thursday6:45 PMSenior Musical TheatreMiss Fran Camier
Thursday7:30 PMSenior Street DanceMiss Fran Camier
Friday4:00 PMPre-School Ballet Miss Lara Morton
Friday4:30 PMPre-Primary BalletMiss Lara Morton
Friday5:00 PMPrimary BalletMiss Lara Morton
Friday5:30 PMGrade 1 BalletMiss Lara Morton
Friday6:15 PMGrade 2 ModernMiss Lara Morton
Friday6:45 PMGrade 2 Ballet Miss Lara Morton
Friday7:30 PMGrade 2 ModernMiss Lara Morton
Saturday9:00 AMPre-School BalletMiss Lucy Deanus
Saturday9:30 AMPre-Primary Ballet Miss Lucy Deanus
Saturday10:00 AMPrimary Tap/ModernMiss Lucy Deanus
Saturday10:45 AMPrimary Ballet Miss Lucy Deanus
Saturday11:15 AMGrade 4 TapMiss Lucy Deanus
Saturday12:00 PMGrade 5 BalletMiss Lucy Deanus
Saturday12:45 PMPointe PreparationMiss Lucy Deanus
Saturday1:15 PMPointe WorkMiss Lucy Deanus
Saturday1:45 PMGrade 6 BalletMiss Lucy Deanus